Evva_tt . Emotional light


EVVA_TT is a rechargeable light system comprising a ‘mother lamp’ (primary) power, which is supplied by domestic electric power (220V), and three ‘daughter’ lights (secondary), which feed off the primary lamp power supply. The three secondary lamps are recharged by the primary through the connected electric cables.

Simple to carry with an easy on/off switch, these lamps, once recharged, can be used independently of the mother lamp.
The cable system is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The abs globe of each lamp is protected by a ‘bumper ring’, while the electrical parts are hidden and protected by a silicon rubber.

The name EVVA_TT was chosen to encapsulate both the history of the lightbulb and the features of the product’s design. “Evva” refers to the feminine shape of the lamp with its connotations of Eve, the first woman. “VA_TT” is a nod to the Watt unit of electricity.

The lamps are both playful and tactile objects: the rigid globes are designed to rotate around the nipple, which is soft. 
EVVA_TT is the past and the future. It's an eco-friendly system, which harks back to the lost paradise of the Garden of Eden.

designers Roberto Nicolo and Roberto Monte
date 2013

Evva_tt . Emotional light 1.jpg
Evva_tt . Emotional light 2.jpg
Evva_tt . Emotional light 3.jpg
Evva_tt . Emotional light 4.jpg
Evva_tt . Emotional light 5.jpg
Evva_tt . Emotional light 7.jpg


material Abs - silicone rubber - aluminum
1° globe 70 cm D/ h 100 cm
2° globe 35 cm D/ h 50 cm
3° globe 18 cm D/ h 25 cm
4° globe 10 cm S/ h 15 cm

colors orange / white