Lagavulin Tasting box


Lagavulin 200yr Anniversary

A self-guided sensorial tasting kit for customers to explore the complex layers of the Lagavulin family brand.

A wooden box that slides open, with 12 partitions inside holding whiskies and aromas. The box is branded ‘Lagavulin 200yr Anniversary’ and its base is lined in Lagavulin tweed. It contains seven identical bottles containing ingredients for the consumer to smell or taste while they are sampling the whiskies:Real peat imbued with smoky aroma, Wood shavings with sherry fragrance, Dried figs, Lapsang Soughing tea, Vanilla sugar, Sea salt. On top of them is a small booklet containing instructions, history and brand stories.

client Lagavulin role Head of design at Nicholasalexander Ltd
services provided design, product development
location London