Nike LunarEpic . shoe box


Working once more with PR agency XYZ, Roberto’s team designed and fabricated 20 extraordinary, hi-tech shoe boxes for Nike to launch the LunarEpic Flyknit line.

LunarEpic Flyknit is like nothing you’ve seen in running shoes before! From the sock-like upper that stretches well past the ankle to the outsole that resembles a topographical map of a range of low hills, the LunarEpic breaks new ground. The technology embedded into the DNA of the LunarEpic makes this a serious, performance-driven shoe.

But the designers at Nike wanted to make sure that consumer’s knew this shoe isn’t just for show. To test if that was indeed the case, Nike gave Runner’s World an exclusive opportunity to run in the LunarEpics for several weeks before the shoe’s release.

client XYZ role Head of design at Nicholasalexander Ltd
services provided 3D Design, engineering and fabrication
location Amsterdam

Nike shoe box2.JPG
Nike shoe box5.JPG