Vita Contemplativa


‘Vita Contemplativa’ was created for the 2015 Clerkenwell Design Week.

The project aimed to emphasise the identity of Clerkenwell as a place by using historical, architectural elements.

Made out of fibre-cement material Equitone, this series of totems hosts the unexpected nature of street life and also adds some decorum, some time, some space by acting as markers of the district’s margins.

client Clerkenwell Design Week role Head of design at Nicholasalexander Ltd
services provided 3D Design, engineering and fabrication
location St. John’s Square, London

photographer Joanne Underhill

CDW15 - 1.jpg
CDW15 - 10.jpg
CDW15 - 2.jpg
CDW15 - 11.jpg
CDW15 - 3.jpg
CDW15 - 4.jpg
CDW15 - 9.jpg
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CDW15 - 6.jpg
CDW15 - 7.jpg